Kelly Rodgers

Types Of Historical Fiction Sub-Genres

Historical fictions are periodically detailed novels. They have been written with periodic accuracy but have fictional details added to them to make them more interesting and captivating. Historical fiction does not always have to be boring and is mostly a great choice for every reader. They bring in drama and emotion to a periodic setting and make the person feel the emotions and events a certain group had to go through at that time.

A good example can be Kelly Rodger’s debut book, THE TRUTH TOGETHER. It is an excellent book that talks about the Jim Crow era and the family drama revolving around it. It has two main characters, one from a white family and one of African American descent. They both become friends at the Georgie State Sanitarium. The book goes further into interesting details as the reader continues reading. A great choice for those who are trying out their luck in the historical fiction genre.

Moving forward, there are many sub-genres of historical fiction.

Historical Romance Fiction

These books are a great choice for those who are hopeless romantics. People who admire romance scenes should dive into this genre as their first choice. These books help people understand the struggles that lovers had to go through in different periods. The restrictions they had to face and the limits they were not allowed to cross.

Through all of these, most lovers emerge victorious, and some stories are left buried under years of heartbreak. The historical factors are added when the book talks about how the environment affected the lovers in their love stories.

Mystery, Thriller, And Adventure

Historical thrillers are great to read. They have no technology to support the character’s move through times, and they are left to survive with the limited supplies they are given. The period detail in such novels is excellent and extensively admirable. These require a lot of hard work to write and should be appreciated.

Time Travel And Fantasy

The fascination in these sub-genres is very accurate. The authors pay keen attention to every character’s response and reactions. An example would be how the movie Back To The Future shows characters. They travel in time to the future, and the experiences the main characters have are authentic. Authors of such books are extremely creative and make sure they give the reader an excellent visualization of the possibilities that might await them in the future.

Multi-Period Epics, And Sagas

These genres take history and make them even more enjoyable. They add a dramatic clause in the book and move through this as the book progresses. These are exceptionally enjoyable, and the writer makes sure each character is heavily influenced by the period they choose to move with. The dressing, the environment, housing, and much more are written with excellent detail and help the reader place themselves in the character’s shoes.

All and all, each sub-genre is an interesting read and should be opted for by any reader who wishes to enhance their knowledge and spend time doing something useful. They will not be wasting their time or money