Kelly Rodgers

The Best Way To Learn History Is To Read Historical Fiction

Have you ever felt like you did not know your origin and that reading a history book was just too much work? Like, you are willing to know about your past but somehow keep avoiding it because remembering every minor detail is just a little too much? Do not worry. That is how a lot of people feel when the topic of history arises. They would rather turn a blind eye to a situation that involves reading and paying keen attention to minute details.

Well, what if I told you things could be different? What if I tell you there is a solution to this problem and not only will you enjoy your time reading the book but you will also remember the details that happened in that era. Well, do I have good news for you, because there is a solution to this problem. And that is historical fiction novels. Historical fiction might not have a huge fanbase, but it is one of the most interesting genres of books.

I do acknowledge and realize that a romance novel based in the modern world might intrigue you more. But what if things were placed in the olden times? Princesses and their realities, how romance was back in those days, how patient people had to be to receive a simple letter. Wouldn’t that make things more interesting to read? You’re getting everything that might have happened in history, knowledge, and a touch of fiction. The story can go everywhere, and the struggles the characters will face will be relateable too because historical fiction is based of off facts. Though it is a fictional genre, it does not lie to its reader and keeps things as authentic as they get. You will live in the world that surrounded people in those times.

I wouldn’t want to toot my own horn, but I myself am an author of a historical fiction novel. THE TRUTH TOGETHER is my debut novel, and it deeply discusses how Jim Crow affected people in those times. I am also a history teacher, and I am well aware of how people might feel when they are reading history books. But books such as mine let the reader feel the events people have to go through. It does not exaggerate the situation but puts the reader in the character’s shoes and leads the story with grace and truth. It is one of the easiest ways to know what history really was and how it affects us in the present world.