Kelly Rodgers

The Best Depictions Of History Through Historical Fiction

In the olden constrictive times, the best way to learn history was to sit through multiple lectures and read textbooks that were assigned to individuals during school. Many people disliked that and still state it as a reason why they still do not like the historical genre. They think it’ll bring back the same feelings they felt when they were in school, sitting in a mundane classroom.

However, things have now changed. There are so many other ways a person can learn about history. One of the most prominent sources is depictions. Things like movies, series, and books. Producers and authors take a historical period and explain the era while adding interest and emotion to the depiction.

To honor those who have changed the way we learn history here are a few of our top picks:


Jim Crow was one of the darkest eras in the history of America. African Americans were labeled as the lesser human race and were degraded to an extreme. Their rights were revoked, and they could not do things the whites were entitled to. The government took away their freedom and treated them as inhumanely as possible. This book has multiple twists and turns, and it revolves around a black, somewhat privileged woman who meets a white woman at the Georgia State Sanitarium in 1922.

They form a friendship, and things evolve as the story moves on. It is an exceptionally good read and is sure to entice the readers and engulf them with every turning page.


Not a lot of people knew about the Spartans before this movie was released. It depicts the battle which went on between the 300 Spartans, who were led by King Leonidas, and the Person King Xerxes, who claimed to be a god. The Spartans were only 300 in number, while the other side had 300,000 soldiers.

The movie introduces mystical creatures and has been considered a historical fantasy movie. The depiction and the exaggeration of emotion in every scene make it an excellent choice for those who admire history and thrillers. The depiction does not overdo things and makes sure that events stay as authentic as possible. The movie was released in 2007 and has since remained a classic for millions of viewers across the world.

The Crown

The recent season of The Crown has been praised by critics and normal viewers alike. It has been seen by millions due to its easy access from Netflix. The series revolves around the British Royal Family, and the first season shows the Queen’s marriage to Prince Phillips. The first season aired on 4th November 2016, and the rest of the six seasons have had timely releases.

The sixth season will continue the Queen’s reign into the 21st century and will also mark the end of the series. This is a great choice for people who admire history concerning the British Royal family and a great option for binge watchers. There are a few flaws in the 4th season that can be overlooked due to the dramatization of the timeline.