Kelly Rodgers

How To Get Started With Writing Your Own Historical Fiction Novel

Historical fiction is an interesting genre to read. However, it requires a lot of effort to write. Many authors spend years collecting data for a single book and then write an accurate book that perfectly depicts the time and the way the era impacts the characters of their books. To get started on your historical fiction, you will need a few things.

Write Something Daily

A basic start to writing should begin with a step. Writing daily will help you understand where you stand as a writer. It helps one know where and how they can improve to write a whole novel. With time the author will have refined skills to write a whole novel with minimal mistakes and errors.

Brain Storm Ideas

You can not randomly come up with something you want to write about. Writers and authors should brainstorm ideas and write their details whenever they find it possible to do so. One idea will have enough information for the author to go through with. They can easily start plotting the details they want in the novel. Through brainstorming, they can also learn how and what sub-genre to attach to their book.

Get Your Facts Straight

Historical fictions have an essential point in them, and that is the relativity to the period detail. The author should be well versed in the things that happened in that time and era to inculcate them in their books. They should not try to add details that contradict things that are historical facts. Wrong detailing can lead to the rejection of the book, and misleading information can confuse the readers. This is an essential factor that should not be overlooked when writing historical fiction.

Base Focus On Fictional Characters

Do not make your book boring with just historical facts. Make sure you are adding fictional characters that are relevant to the timeline. These characters will evoke your readers and help them relate to your story a lot more. It helps a lot when you are catering to a wider audience. My debut book is also historical fiction. I am a history teacher and know the details that took place in the Jim Crow era. Living in Georgie, I am well aware of the history of the grounds I walk on. These are things that inspired me to communicate the struggles of the African American community to the world.