Kelly Rodgers

5 Best Historical Fiction Novels Of 2022 That You Should Read

“History tells us what people do; historical fiction helps us imagine how they felt.”

– Guy Vanderhaeghe

Do you remember the movie The Pianist?

I know many people, including myself, who felt a pang of sadness in their hearts when they watched Wladyslaw’s (Adrien Brody) struggles during WWII in that movie, especially when he lost contact with his family. Traumatizing it was. Wasn’t it?

If a character in the movie can make you this upset, think about what the actual Wladyslaw Szpilman must have been through. I often ask this question to myself, and this curiosity urges me to watch historical movies and read historical fiction books. My bookshelf is packed with historical fiction books, both classical and contemporary. We all love to read famous authors. However, there are many new writers out there who are doing a commendable job when it comes to writing historical fiction.

Following is the list of some mesmerizing historical novels which I have read recently and want to recommend to all the historical fiction lovers.

A Ballad of Love and Glory

The amazing novel is dated back to the time when the Americans were in a fight with the Mexicans. However, the novel does not promotes or shed light on war or violence. The story of this historical fiction revolves around two souls, a beautiful nurse, and a fierce soldier. Witness their chemistry and challenges as they sore through the devastating time of the war. Dive into the love saga that will challenge them for survival, which they must sweep through to prevail and to be together.

The Truth Together

This fascinating and one-of-a-kind novel is dated back to the early 20th century in Georgia. The Truth Together is a historical representation of a family who resided in a time when racism and the black-white justification were considered impure. The novel will justify the toxic history of the time when white supremacy suffered black people. Kelly Rodgers beautifully highlighted and described the history keeping the actual context untouched. It shows how we can break the dark dilemma into tiny pieces of hope while overcoming our fears and the truth. Overall, the novel is an eye-opener, and you can feel many hidden emotions while turning the pages. Truly remarkable!

Peach Blossom Spring

It might sound like a sweet dessert, but it is not. The novel will unveil a historical era of war and identity. Dive into the lives of a Chinese family in 1938, and relive the lives of three generations. The novel will discuss the dark times when Japan and China were at war. Witness the struggles of a mother who is in the hope of regaining freedom. Learn how a father will relive a hard time and will be able to explain to his daughter the rich heritage that he and his mother had to leave to live again.


This revolutionary novel will tell the story of a grandmother. Join her as the lady remembers the past forgotten time to tell her grandson about what she had gone through. The novel dates back to the wonderful time of the 1920s, and the way the story unfolds to the time of Covid-19 is remarkable. The novel has many amazing plots and historical representations to provide an insight into the past time from a fictional yet realistic point of view.

The Saints of Swallow Hill

This good novel represents an emotional drama set during the time of the great depression in the south. Sweep in the story of two individuals who grew together in an orphanage and how they meet each other to be bonded as husband and wife are truly magical. Like the novel The Truth Together, this good book also represents Georgia as the new reality of one of the characters when she lands on Swallow Hill, a turpentine camp. What happens next in the camp is a historical dilemma that she must face to overcome the harsh reality.